Salt Rank: SEO Company, Kansas City
About Us

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important marketing strategies a business can deploy. It’s a methodology that has been around since the early days of searching the web. If you can get highly ranked on Google and other search engines, you will get natural traffic from the billions of searches occurring every day. As serial entrepreneurs with a marketing history, we’ve seen SEO defined and executed in many different ways by many different companies. There tends to be a discrepancy between what companies believe are effective SEO practices and what actually improves your search rank. Many companies hire in-house blog writers and call them SEO experts, hoping that the more content they contribute to their website, the more likely their rank will improve. That is not enough. Beyond that, they don’t properly study and learn the complexities of the ever-changing search algorithms of Google and others. This is monumentally important to your strategy.

We set out to do better. We began Salt Rank to provide a service which deploys strategies that work. We didn’t like watching companies waste money on employees and service providers with inaccurate ideologies. A proper SEO strategy takes time, practice and knowledge to execute. We acquired these skills and are now offering it to businesses at an affordable price.

We believe that good businesses deserve to be found, and our service will give you search visibility. We want to get you to the top so you can get natural visitors, leads and customers. There is no better way to obtain customers than from someone looking for what you offer. That is why our work is so important. Don’t let your undeserving competitors hold top spots for phrases that are relevant to your business. Contact us and let us do the important work that will take your business or website out of the void and put it right out in the open.