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Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO service in Kansas City consists of two parts – the initial phase and the ongoing phase. The initial phase helps us get all the pieces in place to ensure your website is optimized and ready for Search Engine Optimization work and maximize our impact. We also begin to build our strategy around your business and goals, analyzing your industry and landscape to determine where and how we focus our efforts. Once completed, we begin our strategy and continue each month, building your rank over time and working our way to the top. Let’s take a look at each step in more detail.

Initial Phase

Step 1: Competitive Analysis

We perform a competitive analysis to get a full picture of what & whom we are up against. We do a dive into your industry and determine the most impactful areas to focus. We then look at your competitors and analyze their current strategies and keywords to find the paths of least resistance.

Step 2: Keyword Research and Target List Preparation

Success of search engine marketing largely depends on selecting the right keywords. With the information we have gathered, we prepare a list of targeted keywords and finalize them by working closely with our client. We focus primarily on keyword phrases instead of single words, which target the main keyword. An example would be “Kansas City SEO Services“.

Because of the sensitivity of Google’s algorithm, we are required to move at a careful pace on our efforts for each keyword. Therefore, we like to focus on many keywords (20-30) so that we can continue to make meaningful progress each month while staying at a pace that will not be penalized.

Step 3: Website Optimization

This step includes optimizing the website for better search engine indexing. We create Meta tags to correlate with the prepared keyword list (Title, Keywords, Description) after identifying the pages and their target keywords. We perform optimizations which include making sure your website is W3C Compliant, HTML tag improvements and more. We then edit and improve the contents of the web pages to increase the effectiveness of search engine crawls.

We’ll also setup the following:

  • Sitemap (HTML / XML)
  • RSS Feed
  • Robots.txt – highly essential for crawling and ranking
  • Google Analytics for traffic monitoring

Step 4: Search Engine Submissions

We manually submit your website to different search engines with a focus on the most popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AOL etc.

Ongoing Phase

Link Popularity / Link Building

Our dedicated team conducts extensive research to identify relevant affinity sites. We then establish a linking relationship with them on a one-to-one basis. We will provide you with linking progress and confirmation reports as they become available.

Content Writing and Submissions

We write custom content and submit them through various outlets to increase ranking. This content will cover the following:

  • Press Releases
  • Classified Ads
  • Blog Posts
  • Forum Posts
  • Business Listings
  • Site Listings

We will be submitting links to your website to various outlets on a regular basis, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Web Directories
  • Social Bookmarking
  • RSS Feeds
  • Social Networks

Website Code and Position Monitoring

We monitor at all times for the duration of contract the optimization of your web site in order to make and suggest changes according to new requirements and regulations which may arise from major search engines. This is what you should expect from a Kansas City SEO company.

Reporting and Visitor Behavior Analysis

We will provide a monthly report which will include your changes in search ranking and traffic so you’ll know the exact result of our efforts.

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